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I am Alexandra, a professional portrait and commercial photographer based in London. 

While working in advertising in France, I realised how much images are part of our everyday lives. They're memories to cherish forever, identities we can identify with, timeless and invaluable treasures. That's when my journey into photography began, allowing me to combine my creativity with my love of working with people. 

Having the chance to be by your side to capture the beauty, the emotions and the purpose each of you radiate everyday is what drives me to be the best photographer for you and your story.  I want your personality to shine through my lens, I want the story of your brand to touch your audience and for that I like creating images that are tailored-made to reveal it all. That's why I take lots of photos, because often the shots between the shots are the best:  by forgetting my camera, you let yourself be the real you and that's the moment I want to capture. 

A smile, a spark, an emotion, a detail: this is what photography with me is about!    

Storyteller of details and emotions